No.3 Birthday Gifts

Last month was my birthday and I get myself some new beautiful stuff! My family and I went out for a delicious chinese dinner in Düsseldorf. I didn't celebrate big, because actually I don't like birthdays, but I love presents!! 

My first present I got was in the morning, delivered by a postman from far far away.

My boyfriend send me flowers and a card from far far australia. I really miss him.

  Gifts from I:

I'm a big fan of MAC!

Powder Blush: Bad Girl Gone Bad + Hibiscuss Kiss
From the limited Edition of Rihanna

As I told you, I was looking for great pair of winterboots and I found them! 

My choice: Dr. Martens modern classic in smooth black noir with AirWair. I ordered them online at asos

Last times I enjoy to be alone and have quality time by myself. I finished Breaking Bad and started with spanish lessons at my university. 

It's getting colder and colder in Germany. Winter is coming. Days get darker. I like that.


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