No. 2 Holly Golightly

Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961) as Holly Golightly (Pic from: The New York Times

Holly was a young party-girl with a fascinating lifestyle. With her sexy charm, she got everything what (material things) she wants (expensive gifts from men). 

As a student, I don't have so much money, that I can buy me fancy clothes, shoes, bags and all. I'm a full-time student and lucky me I found a nice job last month! I work in a fashion store and I love my job. It's my first step in the fashion industry. It's been two years ago when I quit my well-paid job. I quit because I want a job which is fun and in my interests. So I decided to study and waived the money. I have less money now, but I must say I am much more confident (since I quit) and happy about my decision. 

I believe that everybody can have a great style with little money. It's important to invest in quality and longlasting pieces. I try to avoid clothes made of polyester or polypropylene. I prefer cotton and wool. I am ok with fabrics which are made of man-made fibers and non man-made fibers, but the share of natural fibers must be higher than the share of man-made fibers.

I'm saving money for some basics. It's getting colder in Germany and everybody is talking about what to buy for the winter. I need some water-resistant boots, a coat and a huge bag for all my textbooks from university. I don't want to buy every winter a new coat or boots. So I must be carefully with my choice...

This month I'll get my first pay and oh what a coincedence! It's Glamour-Shopping Week in october! That means 20% off in many stores. I want to take advantage of my shopping-card. And I hope I get some extra money, because it's my birthday!!

On my wishlist:
* Timesless boots: like the ones from Acne "Pistol Short Black"
* Timesless black coat which protects me from cold winter days (still looking for it since years...)
* the perfect bag: like the Classic Q Hillier Hobo in black from Marc by Marc Jacobs

The challenge: find cheaper alternatives!!

-To be continued...

x rice and soy


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